tickets summer 2015


single trips Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
Ascent 11,00 7,50 9,50
Descent 11,00 7,50 9,50
Ascent &Descent 14,50 10,00 12,50
Time-based tickets Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
1 day ticket (09:00-17:00 o'clock) 29,00 16,00 25,00
Morning ticket (09:00-13:00 o'clock) 23,00 13,00 20,00
Afternoon ticket (14:00-17:00 o'clock) 23,00 13,00 20,00
Bikepark try out ticket Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
Roller-try out ticket (1 Ascent, with rental monsterroller and helmet back) 17,50 11,00 16,00
Multiple day tickets Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
2 day ticket 54,50 29,00 45,50
Season Pass 244,00 110,00 196,00
GraVity season ticket Adult 1999-2008 1996-1998
Gravity Card (age group only for GraVity Season Pass valid in 11 European Leading Bikeparks 396,00 198,00 315,00
rental fee Monsterroller Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
Morning (09:00-13:00 o'clock) 7,50 7,50 7,50
Afternoon (13:00-17:00 o'clock) 7,50 7,50 7,50
1 day (09:00 - 17:00 o'clock) 9,50 9,50 9,50
rental fee helmet Adult Child Youth P. / Seniors
1 helmet 3,00 3,00 3,00
!!! Specials !!!      
Starter Safety Package 1/2 day bike+lift ticket+guide for € 79,- only with reservation E-Mail  every Thursday    

► Bikepark terms and conditions

For every lift ticket, an initial deposit of € 2,-- will be applied. On returning your undamaged lift ticket at the returning machine at the
cash register or in the ZauberBAR you will receive your deposit.

Free Ticket*: Children born in 2009 and younger.
Children*: born from 2000 to 2008.
Young people*: born 1996 to 1999.
Seniors*: ladies and man from year of birth 1954, receive the same price as young people.

Group concession: From 20 people, the 21st person in each group receives a free ticket, overall number of tickets must be paid for collectively by one person.

*Reduced lift tickets are only sold to people with an identification card.

General Information:
All prices in €. Tickets are non-transferable. Lost tickets will not be refunded. Ticket inspection is performed by automatic reading devices and inspectors. Inspections are carried out on a regular basis. Any form of abuse will result in the immediate confiscation and collection of the ticket. Please follow our staff's instructions. We inform you that according to railway operators' liability law only passengers with a valid ticket benefit from insurance cover. Unforeseen weather situations (wind, lightning etc.) or a technical fault on the rail requiring stoppage of the rail for safety reasons shall raise no claim to ticket reimbursement. Ski passes can only be reimbursed in the event of illness or injury. Reimbursements not until the day of deposit at the main ticket office, you must bring a doctor's certificate with you. A reduced offer does not provide entitlement to a cheaper ski pass. Ski passes are open for advance sale for the next day from 3 p.m. Due to winch preparation all slopes, with the exception of family descents, are closed from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. and from 9.10 p.m. until 10.10 p.m.

Individual services to which holders of this ticket are entitled are performed by autonomous operators. The operator selling this ticket acts only as a representative for the other operators. Therefore, only the relevant operator is obliged to perform the individual services and to provide damage compensation in the event of any incidents.